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Mechanical Warranty

Today, most people protect themselves by buying insurance for life, home, mortgage, vehicle fire, theft, and collision. Why not further protect yourself and your investment with a mechanical breakdown service agreement/policy.




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Ultimate Rust Protection

Rust can happen anywhere on your vehicle. A simply spray product cannot protect from all forms of rust especially on the outer panels and over the window line. Without the use of yearly & messy chemical sprays, you can protect more of you vehicle from rust damage. The module will not drain your battery because it only draws 1/3 of a millamp to power, which is 40 times less then any other module on the market


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Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assistance Program is there to make sure that, if unexpected things do happen while you're on the road, you're never left stranded or feeling helpless, no matter where you are in Canada and the USA. 

Payment Protection Plans

Our Loan Payment Protection Plan gives you a convenient way to guard against unforeseen events that inpact your ability to meet your obligations because financing the purchase or lease of your vehicle creates an additional financial responsibility for you and your family.

With 50 years in the automotive business, we have grown to be a leader in pre-owned cars, trucks, pick-ups and SUVs  in the city...


At Wallace Automobiles we are always on the look-out to find these hidden gems... and we have over half of our inventory stocked full of these precious vehicles!

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